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The email discovery tools you can find in the market today only searches based on your critieria.
We go many steps further with our predictive algorithms to score and optimize lead generation.

Our Edge

Read about the shortcomings of existing email address discovery tools here.

We don't look at the end-point of our service as just generating a list of email addresses for you only.

We challenge ourselves to find leads that will eventually convert as sales for you. That is why we incorporated predictive analytics and feedback control engineering technology in our prospecting service for you.

See this unique technological advantage we offer in the diagram below.

Leadflare technology

Your Benefit

What traditional email marketers do is to acquire large number of email addresses by charging you for expensive email database and then do "spray-and-pray". Their performance assurance is based on anecdotal or generalized conversion statistics, for example, 10% will respond therefore "I will need 1,000 email addresses in order to get 100 leads".

With Leadflare, you are not at the mercy of the size of your email list because we are always optimizing your lead profile acquisition criteria.

When you use our managed email campaign service, we will be able to receive signals from prospects who responded to the emails (via engagement information such as open and click rates). This serves as a feedback mechanism for us to fine-tune our prospecting system that learns over time. The result - you get more leads over time when you stay with us.

  • SAVE MONEY ON LEAD GENERATION - try display ads and you will know the big "impression" numbers don't help in getting sales and you don't even get any lead's contact information with "impressions". The cost-per-lead is exhorbitant when you get conversion in reality. With Leadflare, you qualify leads ahead early in your funnel with the ability to directly contact them. Even if they don't respond immediately you can keep them in your drip campaigns for nurturing.
  • SAVE MORE TIME LEAD HUNTING - Leadflare helps you prospect at scale without the need to rummage through social network or websites one-by-one. It is easy to setup and there is no complicated software to learn or install. We put in technology to work for you, not against you.
  • GET RESULTS FASTER - You can reach hundred of identified contacts in minutes and get real-time responses. This is better than inbound strategies such as content production and SEO which takes time to see results. Furthermore, our predictive algorithms helps in filtering for the most qualified leads so that you get responses quickly in your campaigns.

The pandemic has greatly transformed how businesses operate today. Don't be left behind with outdated and ineffective ways to reach your customers.

With more businesses focusing on getting connected online, our technology will continue to thrive. We will be able to process more business profiles and utilize our technology to help our customers get to the right audience.

Stay ahead. Make that change today by signing up Leadflare.


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