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There are many email finding tools out there but none really cuts through the noise. We summarize typical challenges email marketers face and the solution Leadflare offers.

Unverified email addresses create bounces when emails are sent out these destinations. When too many bounces happen, email servers will start to blacklist your domain. This is known as domain reputation deterioration and soon you will not be able to send out any emails from your domain. 

Certain service providers or tools may not always be upfront with unverified emails. This subject is either alluded to by them or they could charge you separately for verifying emails. Some businesses even count them as part of the deliverables since unverified email addresses bump up the total email address count, making it look better.

Leadflare only delivers 100% verified emails. This is a service promise.

"Guessed" email addresses can hurt your email deliverabilty as well by gnerating bounce like unverified email addresses. When email addresses are not available, certain tools may use algorithms to guess the pattern of a company's email addresses such as However, this may not always work.

Leadflare does not provide "guessed" email addresses to our customers. All email addresses are obtained from published sources and verified against email server records.

Public and catch-all email addresses are either used as a spam traps or they are generally not useful because you cannot get to any particular person in reality with these addresses. They are monitored by service staff rather than decision-makers who are important in B2B lead generation.

Leadflare does not count or include public and catch-all email addresses in our products.

Outdated email addresses happen when people move from one job or an organization to another. Obtaining the most updated email address can sometimes be a difficult challenge to overcome because the onus of updating this information is solely on the person. Certain lead generation service providers may not always update their databases and this can lead to high bounce rates arising from invalid email addresses during your email campaigns.

Leadflare's technology ensures your leads' contact information is the latest according to published sources.

Imagine you could list a set of criteria for your ideal customer profile and simply fire-and-forget. That's a reality with Leadflare.

Most email address discovery tools require you to install a browser plugin. Do you have time to source for leads page by page? Leadflare automates the lead hunting process at scale for you by matching leads profiles with your preferred criteria so that you can focus on closing sales.


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