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Why is Leadflare different from other email discovery services?

We surveyed many email discovery services in the market and their respective flaws. You can read the summary here and how our service overcomes these shortcomings.

Beyond that, what sets Leadflare apart is our prospecting technology that analyzes, matches and search the most relevant business profiles for you.

In simple, we value and provice higher quality leads for your business so that you can close more sales.

Who is this service for?

  • Solo entrepreneurs - whether you are starting out or just want to test your idea with a market, you can make use of Leadflare to reach your target audience affordably. 
  • Small business owners - you don't have the luxury of a big marketing budget especially for display advertisements or you can't afford a marketing team. You can still leverage on email marketing to get traction for your business. Leadflare offers managed email outreach services which take the burden away from you so that you can focus on other important business activities.
  • Agencies or freelance email marketers - we love partnerships that can support businesses' growth. If you have an existing client pool or you are freelancing to help your customers get more sales, we are happy to help.

Do you offer a free trial?

Sorry we don't offer free trials because there are direct costs involved in some of our backend services. However we can offer samples of the output of our email discovery service and screenshots of the managed email campaign dashboard upon request.

I'm interested, what is your process?

For just prospect email address generation - once you have made the payment, you will be brought to a payment success page where there is a button for you to click on to start the on-boarding process. Our system will process the information you have submitted and commence the email discovering process. An account manager will contact you shortly to help you with any question that you may have.

Once the lead profile information is ready, you will receive the file in your email as a CSV (comma-separate-values data file). Typical end-to-end duration takes just 1-2 days.

For managed email outreach service - your account manager will provide you with a user ID and login to our online email campaign dashboard. Based on the prospect email addresses generated, an outreach message will be designed and drafted by us. Your campaign will run once the message is approved, we will commence and monitor the campaign until all the emails are delivered. You can login and view the campaign performance at any time after it starts.

What do I get after paying for the service?

  1. PROSPECT EMAIL ADDRESSES - you will receive a data file containing the prospects' (according to your search criteria) information including email addresses.
  2. MANAGED EMAIL CAMPAIGN SERVICE - we will design, draft and send the outreach email for you. You can view the campaign performance by assessing your dashboard.
  3. BUSINESS LEADS - when the recipient clicks on a link (e.g. link-off to your website) on the email, we count that as a lead and you follow up with that contact easily by extracting the information from the email campaign dashboard.

Who provides the content for the email to be sent out?

If you sign up our managed email campaign service, we can help you design and draft the outreach message. At any time you can choose to edit the email as you wish and you decide what is to be sent.

How many emails will be sent out?

We will send up to two emails per contact per month for you for every batch of prospects as we do not encourage spam. If prospects do not respond within two emails, they will not receive more emails from our service. You can keep the contacts if you wish to follow-up with more drip campaigns.

Why should I take up your managed email service?

It is a hassle-free, fire-and-forget lead-hunting service. Imagine the time needed to set up your domain readiness for email marketing, e.g. DKIM, SPF keys, warming up accounts etc. We have the expertise in the infrastructure requirements and conversion optimization with regards to email engagement behavior that can save you a ton of time and costs.

How is your support like?

We are located in sunny Singapore which is GMT+8. We value our employees' work-life balance but we always use technology to ensure we'll never miss supporting your needs. If you are not available in real-time, you can always reach us in many different ways and emails will always be preferred.

What if I have my own email marketing team?

You can still make use of our prospecting technology to source leads contact information, email addresses for your marketing team. 

Why should I be paying subscription?

Paying the subscription means you can continue to enjoy our services. On a continual basis you can fill your marketing pipelines with hot leads to grow your sales.

Moreover, you will also discover your cost of acquiring sales to be lower as we help you optimize email conversion over time.

If I'm using your email service, will recipients see my brand?

Yes, you can always include your logo, trademarks or any text that indicates your business's identity in the emails to be sent. 

How do I see the email campaign outcomes?

You get access to a email service dashboard where you can see the campaign performance easily. 


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